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Common Summer Plumbing Problems to Prevent or Repair Before Disaster Strikes



Summer is here and while you may have a ton of fun things on your activity list, don’t ignore plumbing problem prevention! It may not sound like the most enjoyable plan for the season, but you’ll certainly be glad you’ve completed it when you enjoy a problem-free summer. When you have an expert professional plumber on your side, it certainly gets a lot easier.

What could happen during the summer, you ask? It’s not as though you’re fighting frozen pipes and ice dams in your eves troughs, right? Of course not, but the warm weather comes with its own spectrum of potential issues. Be sure you know what they are and what you should do about them.

Summer Plumbing Disaster Prevention

Use the following tips to prevent plumbing disasters from happening in the first place. Consider the following issues and how you can keep them away.

  • Leave the beach at the beach – Heading to the beach is a ton of fun. That said, your washing machine, pipes and shower won’t appreciate all the sand you’ll add to them if you don’t rinse off first. Shake out your towel outside before putting it in the washer. Use your garden hose to rinse off your bathing suit before bringing it in. If you can rinse yourself off in the yard, too, all the better.
  • Put your garbage disposal on a diet – Warm weather makes lots of different foods taste great. Nothing tastes better on a hot day than watermelon, grilled corn, barbecued meats, and deep-fried foods. That said, it’s a good idea to keep bones, fatty meats, oil, grease and very fibrous organic materials (melon rinds and corn husks, we’re looking at you!) out of the garbage disposal. Those items are a fast path to a jam and a clog. Don’t forget that even when you keep those foods out of the garbage disposal, it’s still a good idea to flush it out for 10 seconds both before and after you use it.
  • Don’t let Fido fill the pipes – Summertime is the perfect time to give your dog a bath. However, all that fur heading down the bathtub drain can create a very solid clog. Avoid this problem by bathing the dog in a kiddy pool outside, or use a removable hair catcher in your tub drain. Don’t forget to clean it out each time it fills to keep the water flowing.
  • Prepare your home for summer storms – Your gutters and sump pump are your power team when it comes to summer storms. Rest easy even during downpours by knowing your eves troughs and downspouts are cleaned out and flowing freely, and your sump pump is tested, backed up and keeping your basement dry.
  • Remind kids to limit toilet paper use – Kids love to unroll toilet paper and flush huge wads of the stuff. Remind your children that they don’t need excessive amounts of toilet paper. It’s neither good for the toilets nor the environment. It doesn’t hurt to remind them not to flush anything inappropriate, either!
  • Prep your house for your summer vacation – If you’re headed away on a dream summer vacation, give yourself peace of mind by shutting everything off at home. Have a neighbor check on things while you’re away. If you’re going to be gone for more than a few days, shut off the water to your hose as well as to the rest of your house.

Want to be absolutely certain you don’t have any summer problems on their way? Already see an issue and want to get it under control before it becomes an expensive problem? Call McLoughlin Plumbing, Heating and Cooling today. Our plumbing experts will be happy to help you. Contact our 24 hour service at 610-624-8037.