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Your 2020 Home: Top Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing Renovation Trends

Happy New Year! 2020 is only just getting started, but it’s already more than clear what the leading kitchen and bathroom renovation trends will be. There are two main areas taking the spotlight, and they are faucet finishes and smart plumbing appliances.

Consider these important focal points as you complete the plans and designs for your latest upgrades, facelifts and renovations. For more assistance and advice, for a quote or to begin your upgrades, make sure to choose our skilled and experienced McLoughlin plumbing experts.

2020 Faucet Finish Trends

The top faucet finish trends for this year are sleek, contemporary, and focused on symmetry, shapes, and antique designs with a modern interpretation. Leave your old chrome or stainless steel faucet behind and fall in love with one of these finishes instead.

• Matte black – Yes, you read that right. Matte black is the ultimate in minimalist, clean, sophisticated design for both bathrooms and kitchens. Enjoy both the way it looks and the way it resists spots and stains.
• Champagne gold – Champagne-colored gold and pale bronze finishes are both taking a whole new modern contemporary angle. This finish is especially appealing with the royal blue and soft white paint shades topping the kitchen and bathroom decor trends this year.
• Rose gold – This faucet finish takes plumbing in a whole new direction toward brilliance and warmth. It creates a balance between neutrality and chic elegance. Match your faucet to rose gold towel bars, cabinet handles, drawer pulls and other details for a glamorous completed look.

Smart Plumbing Appliances

Smart plumbing systems are the natural next fit for anyone who loves the convenience of smart home technology. Whether you love voice-enabled entertainment, connected security systems, or mobile-operated lighting, heating and cooling, you’ll also adore smart plumbing. This year brings a stream of tech for smart water supply. Even better? They’re great for convenience and home efficiency.

• Smart faucets – Leading brands such as Delta and Kohler each have smart faucets that you control through voice commands by way of connections with Alexa, Amazon, and Google Assistant. Choose everything from the right temperature for washing your hands, to the perfect amount of water dispensing for your coffee maker or measuring cup.
• Smart shower systems – This can range from just the showerhead to a complete system, meaning that a smart shower can fit into virtually any bathroom upgrade budget. Moen, Kohler and others can help you to find the ideal temperature, pressure and even water-saving economy.

Interested in updating your style or getting smart in your bathroom or kitchen plumbing? Call McLoughlin Plumbing, Heating and Cooling at 610-624-8037. We’ll send an expert plumbing professional at your next available convenience and bring your home into 2020 with style and efficiency.