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Air Scrubbers: The Secret to Beating Allergy Season While Stuck Inside During Covid-19 Quarantine

As we sit at home in quarantine, the benefits of clean indoor air on our overall health have become more important than ever. Air scrubbers can help you to avoid unnecessary asthma and allergy triggers –as well as toxin exposures –at this time that is already stressing our systems.

What Are Air Scrubbers?

An air scrubber is a type of portable machine that works to filter your indoor air from particles, gasses and certain chemicals. These can include a spectrum of contaminants including air pollution, pollens, cigarette smoke, VOCs, mold spores, dust and odors from pets and cooking. These are toxins our respiratory systems simply don’t need right now.

Air scrubbers work within a certain specific area. They draw in the air within that space and move it through various types of filters to remove the contaminants. An air scrubber’s size and complexity will decide how much space it can cover as well as the size of the contaminants it can remove from that area.

Does Your Home Need an Air Scrubber?

If you or another family member already struggle with respiratory issues, such as seasonal allergies that are just taking off from the start of spring, or asthma, running an air scrubber may help to control the additional factors triggering those condition and make a considerable difference to your indoor air quality.

Have you been spending any of this time to move furniture around, clean out the basement or attic, or other activities that can stir up dust, mold, asbestos, chemical fumes, lead and others? These contaminants get stirred up into the air but don’t stay there forever. Unless they’re filtered out, they land on carpet, furniture, upholstery, curtains and other areas of your home. They can even be pulled into the HVAC system and sent to other areas of the same building. Our Air Scrubbers can help remove these contaminants so you may breathe easy!

Is it the Same as an Air Purifier?

Air scrubbers may sound similar to air purifiers, but they are not the same thing. These machines are meant for cleaning large spaces during specific conditions –such as a home reno or in commercial environments.

An air purifier, on the other hand, is typically a much smaller device that can be used every day in the home. While an air scrubber uses wet or dry scrubbing to clean the air, an air purifier generally uses ionization or a HEPA filter to do its job. Air scrubbers are helpful in construction and renovation or commercial environments, but air purifiers are for daily use in smaller spaces.

That said, they don’t necessarily filter the same things. An air purifier can reduce the allergens, mold spores, dust and smoke in the air. On the other hand, an air scrubber can also filter out toxic particles, gases and chemicals.

If you’re not sure what your home or business needs to keep the air clean and easy to breathe, call McLoughlin Plumbing Heating & Cooling at 610-624-8037. We’ll take the time to discuss your needs so you can decide what is best for your clean air and wellness.