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3 Amazing Facts About Repiping

Repiping your home might sound like a major inconvenience, but in some instances, it may be the only option for your home. Although it may be unexpected, it doesn’t have to be a bad experience either.

Hiring an expert plumber that offers repiping services is the key to get this job done quickly and effectively. If you’ve been considering trying your hand at repiping in your home, knowing a few facts might help you make the right decision for your home.

PEX Piping is More Durable Than Copper

PEX piping is a high-quality choice for your repiping services for a number of reasons, including:

  • Resistant to Acidic Water: Unlike traditional copper pipes that can break down in high mineral or acidic water, PEX piping is unaffected and will not corrode over time.
  • Improved Temperature Resistance: Freezing temperatures are the main cause of damage to your plumbing. PEX plumbing has a higher tolerance to cold weather and can even hold up in the coldest winters.
  • Prevents Mineral Deposits: If your home is constantly dealing with hard water issues, it’ll be a thing of the past with PEX pipes installed, as they’re also unlikely to pit or scale.

Another interesting fact about PEX piping is that it’s actually about a third of the price of copper. PEX is also extremely flexible and easier to install, which can be a great help when taking on more complex repiping projects.

It Only Takes From 1 to 2 Days to Repipe an Entire Home

Although repiping services may seem like a daunting task, did you know that it can be completed in one to two days? Not only can materials play a major part in the speed of the installation, but also the plumbing company you choose to work with.

Repiping is a fairly simple process that involves replacing the pipes throughout your home.

Because everything is coming out, it allows plumbing companies the opportunity to lay down new pipe more efficiently. This is particularly beneficial for homeowners that have made recent additions to their homes or are looking to add some extra fixtures and features that require water or gas lines.

Most Insurances Cover Water Damage But Not Plumbing, So Check Yours Today!

Insurance can be a tricky business. Most often homeowner’s insurance will cover water damage from a sudden burst pipe but not damage caused by leaks or issues stemming from a lack of maintenance.

Even if your insurance does cover damages caused by a burst pipe, why not replace them if you know the pipes are old or leaky. The thing to remember is that repiping only takes a couple of days.

Repairing water damage from a pipe bursting can take several weeks. Either way, you should definitely consider repiping services if your pipes are very old, and it may be a help to check into your homeowner’s insurance to see what all is covered.

Finding a Plumbing Professional

It isn’t hard to type ‘plumbers in my area’ into the search bar. However, with that tactic, you never know who you’ll get. Repiping services are nothing to joke around about, and if left undone, burst pipes can wreak havoc on your home and even your life.

So work with someone you can trust like McLoughlin Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling your reliable repiping service company. Is your plumbing system ready for a complete overhaul? Call McLoughlin Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling at (610) 624-8037 to schedule an appointment for your home today!