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Your Pre-Super Bowl Party Plumbing And Heating Blitz

Super Bowl LIII is nearly here, so it’s time to get your solid party game plan ready, including plumbing and heating. Not the first things you thought you’d need to plan for? Think again.

Chicken wings, beer, chips and nachos are all crucial to a great party, but if you have no heat, a clogged toilet or your garbage disposal jams, no one is going to remember that night for the great game.

Your Plumbing Maintenance Interception

Don’t let bad luck get the touchdown. Get that awesome interception and take control of the game. Super Bowl parties are notorious for causing plumbing problems. There are a lot of people, eating a lot of food, drinking a lot of beer and flushing a lot of toilets. It makes sense that this increases the odds of potential issues. Stop many of them before they happen by taking this opportunity to do some overall preventative maintenance.

Give us a call to clear that slow-flowing (or fully blocked) drain. Replace that toilet that hasn’t stopped running since the New Year. Repair your furnace that hasn’t been working quite right. Do these things in advance to be sure you won’t have any emergency plumbing or emergency heating disasters on game day.

Garbage Disposal Defense

Your guests may think they’re helping out by doing a bit of clean-up during halftime or after the game. However, if they’re jamming all those chicken wing bones down the garbage disposal, you have to know you’re going to have a plumbing repair call on your hands in the near future.

Before the game, get your kitchen ready to handle the waste. Place a plug in the drain to discourage use of your garbage disposal and set out garbage or compost bags to make them more likely to be used. Chicken bones as well as anything fibrous like potato skins, rice or eggshells should be kept out of your garbage disposal.

Don’t pour grease down the drain either, as that will harden in the pipes and cause a clog you likely won’t break through on your own. If it does jam, call us. Don’t risk your appliance or injuring yourself by trying to fix it on your own.

Don’t Fumble Before You Flush

Remove small items from surfaces around your toilet. Since the bathroom will be used more frequently than usual – likely by people who have been drinking – this increases the chances that things could get knocked into the bowl. One flush is all it can take to cause your toilet to become clogged.

It’s also helpful to place an easy-to-spot wastebasket in the bathroom to discourage your guests from flushing things they should be tossing in the bin.

If the toilet does become clogged and a quick shot with the plunger doesn’t fix it, have your guests use a secondary bathroom, instead. Don’t make the problem worse. That way, when our plumbing services professional pops by to fix it, the repair will be quick and easy and won’t have been made worse.

Hot Wings in a Warm Home

Hot wings may be perfect for watching the game, but nobody wants that to be the only source of heat in your TV room. Have your furnace inspected before the party. You’re supposed to have an annual HVAC maintenance checkup anyway. Why not do it now, before a problem can happen?

Of course, just like your favorite team, you should also have a backup plan in case something does go wrong. If you need fast emergency furnace repairs on Super Bowl Sunday, you can rely on McLoughlin Plumbing, Heating and Cooling. Call our 24-hour service at 610-624-8037. We’re always here for you, even during the big game!