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What Does Making a Commitment to Your Home’s HVAC This Valentine’s Day Look Like?

Don’t we all know someone who is either always single, or always dating someone new, because they hate the idea of committing to one person? Have you ever met someone who can’t seem to commit to anything at all?

We’re talking about the kind of person who leases a car instead of buying one because they don’t want to commit to keeping it for an extended period of time. Well, if you’ve got a friend like that, let them know that we’ve got something that everyone will want to commit to- the health of your HVAC systems!

Continue reading to learn all about how you can commit to proper HVAC maintenance this Valentine’s Day with McLoughlin Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning’s Comfort Club Service Plan.

A Commitment to Heating Emergency Prevention

Have you ever worried about your heater giving out in the middle of winter, or spontaneously caught fire? If you have a gas-powered furnace, you’ve probably thought about the chances of your furnace emitting deadly fumes like carbon monoxide, right?

Well, these are all very valid worries, especially if you don’t have your heater cleaned and inspected regularly. The good news is that you can prevent heating emergencies just by scheduling annual maintenance visits with McLoughlin Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning!

Regular tune-ups and cleanings keep your unit running efficiently and give your HVAC technician a chance to spot any potential issues that could cause an emergency before it gets to that point.

A Commitment to a Cooling System That Lasts Longer

Another way that a Comfort Club Service Plan can benefit you is by making your cooling system last longer. In general, most AC units can last anywhere from ten to fifteen years.

Annual tune-ups keep your cooling system running more efficiently so that it can reach its full lifespan potential. Regular maintenance also saves you money on heating and cooling, because a more efficient system uses less energy.

A Long Term Commitment

So, now that you understand the importance of regular HVAC maintenance let’s take a look at why a Comfort Club Service Plan is your best option to help you maintain your HVAC systems.

To begin with, As a Comfort Club member, you have access to exclusive discounts (like 15% off on all repair and installation calls for as long as you’re a member).

Not to mention that you also get the benefit of putting your HVAC system in the hands of a qualified professional who is committed to your home comfort for the long haul.

Establishing a relationship with your HVAC company helps you develop trust, which allows for peace of mind knowing that your home is in good hands.

Not only does your new Partnership McLoughlin Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning’s Comfort Club Plan keep your heating and cooling systems in working order, prevent emergencies, and make your systems last longer, but it also saves you money!

You could be saving on monthly utility bills and on your HVAC services themselves by joining an HVAC maintenance membership program. Call McLoughlin Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning today at (610) 624-8037 to learn more about signing up for our Comfort Club Plan.