24 Hour Emergency Wayne Plumber

Don’t toss and turn over a plumbing emergency. Take care of it right now with 24/7 emergency service from the local experts—call now!

Nobody plans for leaking pipes, clogged drains and a lack of hot water. But these stressful situations are bound to happen eventually. When they do, you shouldn’t have to wait around until the next business day to get your plumbing in working order. Instead, we’ll save you from the stress with fast, affordable repairs 24 hours a day!

McLoughlin Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers long-lasting solutions day and night. We keep costs low with flat-rate pricing, financing options, and no extra charge for after hours service. Rest assured your problem will be solved with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Customers in Wayne, PA have trusted our craftsmanship since 1965. Call now for immediate help with your plumbing!

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Can Water Heater Emergencies Be Avoided?

When our office phone rings in the wee hours of the morning, it’s usually a panicked homeowner with soap in their hair and an ice-cold shower. Surprise water heater breakdowns are common, but not unavoidable.

We recommend annual maintenance to prevent last minute water heater repairs. A trained professional can test and flush your system, while checking for any broken, corroded, or leaking components.

Has it been a while since your water heater got serviced? No problem! We’ll help you avoid a cold-shower catastrophe! And if your water heater is around 10 years old, we can recommend replacements that are more efficient and reliable.

Keep Emergency Plumbing Appointments Fast and Easy

We want you to save as much time and money as possible when you schedule emergency plumbing service. Just a few actions can make your appointment headache-free:

  • Clear away any furniture or items that might block access to the problem
  • If you have a water leak that persists, shut off your main water valve
  • If your water leak is near power, turn off the breaker
  • Clean up as much water as you can to prevent property damage
  • If you smell a gas leak, open the doors and windows and exit the property

McLoughlin Plumbing Heating & Cooling has techs available in Wayne. Don’t hesitate to call! We’ll get your situation under control quickly.

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Common Items That Clog Your Drains

Many homeowners don’t realize how delicate plumbing can be. Take a gentle approach to avoid clogs by keeping these common household items out of your drains:

  • Avoid flushing napkins, paper towels, baby wipes, feminine products, Q-Tips
  • Never flush coffee grounds, animal fats, oils, grease, eggshells, banana peels, fibrous vegetables
  • Stick to toilet paper only when you flush
  • Throwaway leftover food even if you have a garbage disposal
  • Use a drain strainer to catch excess hair and soap residue and clean it often

McLoughlin Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Wayne, PA! Call (610) 624-8037 for fast help, friendly service, and competitive pricing!