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These Signs Point To Needing A Plumbing Replacement Over A Repair


If you’re a homeowner, then you know that sometimes it can be very wasteful to throw away an appliance when it starts to work incorrectly. Sometimes, all it takes to get something working good as new again is a minor repair that doesn’t cost much. In such cases, it just makes sense to get an existing appliance fixed at a lower cost, rather than spend the money on a replacement.

But there are other times when repairing starts to make less sense. If you find that you are having to get something repaired on a regular basis, for example, the cost of those repairs over time may add up to even more than what you originally paid for the item. There comes a time, especially with plumbing fixtures, when it makes more financial sense to repipe the plumbing. But what are those signs?

Your Kitchen Sink

“kitchensink”In this case, you really only need to replace a kitchen sink when you want to, which is usually when it’s time to renovate your kitchen. That means you’ll be adding value to your property with a new, more modern upgrade.

In other circumstances, your kitchen sink will normally last you the lifetime of your home, unless you have an accident. Replacing the taps or the pipes running to the sink is more likely than replacing the sink itself.

Your Washing Machine

“washingmachine”This one depends a lot on the age of the machine. More recent machines have a shorter lifespan and tend to need replacement after about ten years of operation. Older machines may last for 30 years or more but are not as efficient with water as the new machines.

If your laundry machine constantly moves out of place when you run it, or is making new, loud, noises it didn’t make before, now is the time to replace that washing machine

Your Shower Top

“showertop”Most of the time, repairing your shower top will make more sense than replacing it, because minor leaks are easy to address. But if you’re not happy with the quality of your showers, especially if the issue is water pressure, then seriously think about replacing your shower top.

One common error many homeowners make is that in the quest to get a bracing, high-pressure shower, they raise the water pressure of the water pipes in the house. This is subjecting the entire home plumbing network to high pressure that can damage it over time, just to enjoy their shower. If you replace your shower top with a newer model, that pressurizes water at the shower itself, you avoid this issue.

Your Water Heater

“waterheater”Your water heater is another appliance this is designed to work, without fuss, for years. But when things go wrong, it’s often better to replace the water heater rather than conduct a very expensive repair.

If your water heater tank leaks or the tank becomes contaminated, so that the hot water is colored by rust or dirt, a replacement may be less costly than the repair required to restore these units to their previous functionality!

The chief cause of replacing your water fixtures for homes in Upper Darby, PA is age. If you know how old your appliance or equipment is, compare that with the recommended lifespan of operation, and remember, upgrading these fixtures often adds value to your property itself!