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Professional Plumbers Share their Own Money-Saving Hacks to Reduce Your Monthly Water Bill


Save Money

Saving money can be easier than you think this year. Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that have the biggest impact, and lowering costs on your water bill is one of them.

Read on to see how professional plumbers save on their water bills each month, and you’ll be surprised just how easy it is to keep change in your pocket.

Take Your Car to a Carwash

Car WashSave big by taking your car to the local car wash this year. Residential car washes can cost you 120 gallons of water on your bill, which is a lot compared to zero.

Washing your car in a car wash adds nothing to your bill, and costs the equivalent to a couple of coffees. Not to mention most car washes are built with water reclamation systems.

This recycles the water used after a wash. So not only are you being smart, you’re making friends with the environment, too.

Use Greywater to Water Your Plants

Water PlantsGreywater is the gently used or excess water in your home. It comes from places like the washing machine, sinks, and tubs. Greywater is amazing for plants, indoor and outdoor.

It is also useful to flush your toilets with, avoiding the use of freshwater. Collect greywater by placing a bucket under the tap when running water for a shower, or scoop out the water after a bath.

You can catch the water from the rinse cycle in your washing machine. Just place a bucket under the hose to capture it. To flush your toilets, pour some greywater into the bowl, and the toilet will flush.

Check Your Home for Leaks

Household leaks can add up over time. The average home loses anywhere from 2,000 - 20,000 gallons of water per year from things like dripping faucets and running toilets.

Water LeakDon’t become one of these statistics and make sure to check your home often.

  • Listen for running toilets, and check the flap in the bowl for cracks
  • Watch for surface water around pipes and faucets
  • Listen for the dripping sound from sinks

You can also do a whole home check by shutting off all the water for 15 minutes, inside and outside. Check the meter reading at the start and end of the 15 minutes, and see if the number went up. If you see a jump, it might be time to call a professional plumber in to do a check.

Shower Instead of Taking Baths

ShowerSome say showers use more water than baths; some argue it’s the other way around. Well, stats don’t lie, and statistically, baths use more water than taking a shower.

The average bather showers for about 10 minutes. This uses approximately 25 gallons of water in that time, 20 if you have a water saver shower head. Taking a bath, on the other hand, uses 36 gallons of water. That is more, much more, than our standard shower taker.

If you want to save your loonies, better lather up and opt for the shower, it will save you in the long run. Keeping cash in your pocket no longer has to be a chore. Now that you have these money-saving hacks, you can reduce your monthly water bill, and increase your peace of mind in the process.