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Which Is Best: A UV Air Sanitizer or an Air Purifier?

Tips for Keeping Indoor Air Cleaner Than Ever

When it comes to the home, it's important to ensure homeowners have clean air to breathe. Sometimes, taking care of the HVAC system isn’t enough. People can have maintenance done and change the air filters frequently, but they could still suffer from poor indoor air quality. If this is the case, it may be time to consider investing in a UV air sanitizer or air purifier.

Both appliances work great as an added step for removing impurities from the air. Those unsure about a UV air sanitizer or air purifier should continue reading below for more information. 

UV Air Sanitizers vs. Air Purifiers

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Keeping the air clean has never been easier than with a UV air sanitizer or air purifier. Each appliance tackles the root of the problem differently, but they both work to remove impurities.

  • UV Air Sanitizers: A UV air sanitizer is placed directly inside the HVAC unit. It is simply a UV light, and as the air passes through the light, all airborne pathogens burn up. In return, homeowners are left with cleaner air. 
  • Air Purifiers: An air purifier, on the other hand, is a separate unit from the central HVAC unit. Homeowners can place it in whatever room they desire, and it has its own filter to clean the air. The dirty air in the room is pulled into the air purifier, ran through the system, and then the clean air cycles back out into the room. 

The Benefits of Each Type

Just like anything else, each appliance has its advantages. That said, purchasing both appliances might seem like overkill, but it will work wonders for air quality. 


Some of the benefits of UV air sanitizers are: 

  • Reduces mold growth
  • Eliminates bacteria and germ growth
  • Eliminates 98% of airborne germs
  • Eliminates common viruses in the air

Some benefits of an air purifier are: 

  • Traps asbestos particles away from the air
  • Removes tobacco from the air
  • Reduces asthmatic triggers
  • Gives more quality sleep

Who Needs a UV Air Sanitizer or Air Purifier?confused woman

Homeowners can't go wrong when investing in better air quality. Whether they decide to purchase a UV air sanitizer, air purifier, or both, they can rest assured that they breathe high-quality air. 

Not only will their lungs thank them for it, but their wallet will too. That’s because, when there are fewer impurities in the air, the HVAC unit doesn’t have to work as hard. As a result, energy bills decrease, and the system will work more efficiently. 

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