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The Best Ever Heating System Habits to Start Saving Money

Good Habits to Save Money

When winter comes, homeowners across America turn up their thermostats to stay warm and cozy. With increased heating usage comes higher electric bills every month. While it’s crucial to stay warm, it’s also essential to save on your monthly electrical costs. How can you keep your house cozy and reduce how much you spend each winter? Read on for the best tips and tricks to stay warm all winter long.

Make Your Home Airtight

make home air tightAir leakage is a huge culprit of increased energy costs when heating your home. So how can you keep warm air from escaping and prevent cold air from coming in? By making your home airtight. Window surrounds, doorway edges and attics are prime suspects for air leakage.

It’s important to caulk your window surrounds to ensure a tight fit that allows no air to leak. For doorways that have extra space that allows air in under or on the sides, install weather stripping. This can be purchased at most hardware stores and fits on all sides of your door.

You’ll notice an immediate reduction in hot air escaping when your doorways are sealed tight. As a bonus, it’ll help keep cool air in your home during the summertime. If your attic has excess venting, it could be a good idea to seal it off for the winter to cut down on heat leakage as much as possible.

Keep your Heating System Clean

Keeping your HVAC unit clean is vital for the efficiency of your system and to maintain clean air inside your home. When an HVAC is dirty, and filters are clogged, it must work harder to heat your home. The harder your system works, the more time it takes to get your house up to the desired temperature. It will also use much more energy as it works.

keep heating system clean

When you keep your HVAC clean, it will work at maximum efficiency. This will cut down on energy costs, heat your house faster, and keep it warmer by adjusting to the temperature in your home. This can range from remembering to replace air filters on a routine schedule or keeping the areas around your unit clear.

Replace Old HVAC Parts

replace old hvac partsIf your HVAC system is reaching its fifteenth birthday, it might be time to think about replacing it. HVACs with older systems and heating parts won’t run as efficiently as newer systems. The newer the system, the better it will run. If you still have plenty of life left in your unit, you might consider switching out parts that have seen better days.

The newer you can keep your system, the more efficiently it will run and the less it will cost to heat your home. Newer systems will always improve heating efficiency and lower costs. Whether you decide to upgrade your entire unit or replace key parts to improve energy efficiency, you won’t go wrong.

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