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How Does My Air Conditioner Work?

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Looking Into Air Conditioner Services?

When considering renovations and updates to your home or business, it's easy to get caught up in paint and tile and floor plans. Since these things represent the aesthetic beauty of your home or workspace, it’s easy to find all kinds of information and help in selecting the right finishing touches.

What most home and business owners don’t take into account is the air conditioning system in their space. This is unfortunate since cooling appliances account for large upfront and operating costs. Part of the reason for the lack of consideration is the fact the HVAC services are performed by professionals and it is difficult to find information about your air conditioning system. Luckily, there are professionals ready to help.

Parts of Your Air Conditioner

HVAC expertsWithout getting overly technical, think of your unit as being made up of two AC parts: the inside unit and the outside unit. The inside unit is made up of the blower, the thermostat and a part called an evaporator coil.

For most people, the only component they will recognize is the thermostat since that’s the only component that gets the attention. The blower and the evaporator coil are housed, probably, in a closet or basement along with the furnace.

The evaporator coil is responsible for the cooling action and the blower distributes the cold air through your home or business. The outdoor unit is located somewhere outdoors.

It’s the thing that sits in your yard or on a rooftop that blows out hot air and makes noise from the compressor working. The outdoor components include the condenser coil, cooling fan, and compressor. The outdoor components’ job is to prepare a chemical called refrigerant to be used to cool your home.

How Does Your AC Work?

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An air conditioner works by taking advantage of the unique properties of refrigerants. When refrigerants are compressed and expanded they switch between liquid and gaseous phases. As they change phases, they become very hot or very cold.

The process begins in the compressor. Refrigerant is compressed into very hot gas and runs through the condenser coil to become a liquid again. This is the source of the heat coming from the outdoor unit.

The warm, liquid refrigerant is pumped into your home into the evaporator coil where it expands into a very cold gas. The blower pushes your home’s air across the cold evaporator coil to cool it and move it around your home through the ducts.

Professional Air Conditioner Services

comfort club planAs you can see, air conditioning systems aren’t terribly complicated. However, servicing them can be. HVAC technicians have special training and licenses to allow them to work on air conditioners and handle refrigerant chemicals.

Since the knowledge of air conditioning repair is specialized, most people don’t attempt to repair their own units. Air conditioners exist as a result of several different processes working together to cool your space.

As a result, trying to troubleshoot them can be difficult since the problems can be attributed to multiple causes. The best thing a homeowner can do is understand their system and provide tradesmen with accurate information about breakdowns so they can make repairs quickly.

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