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A Plumber's Role in Bathroom Remodeling

Why Are Plumbers Needed When Remodeling the Bathroom?

Home remodeling projects can be quite fun. Homeowners start to feel like the Property Brothers themselves! But in the middle of every episode, it’s guaranteed that something will go wrong. For instance, if they’re working on a bathroom remodel, they’ll realize that the piping in the house is old and corroded or there’s a leak in the water main under the house.

Situations like these highlight the importance of involving a professional plumber during the remodeling process. In this article, homeowners can learn more about bathroom remodeling and what types of remodeling need to include a professional plumber. They can also learn about the role that a plumber plays during the remodeling process.

What Is Bathroom Remodeling & Why Do Homeowners Do It?

Bathroom remodeling can take many forms, but the purpose is ultimately to change the look or the functionality of the bathroom. Remodeling is mostly to change the appearance of the bathroom, however, a renovation involves the installation of new bathroom plumbing appliances as well.

how plumbers workHomeowners remodel and renovate their bathrooms for all sorts of reasons.
  • Eco-Friendly: They may want to switch out their toilet, showerhead, or other items to an option that’s more eco-friendly and doesn’t use as much water.
  • Handicap-Accessible: They may need to add in grab bars or change a tub into a shower so that it’s easier for someone to step into.
  • Outdated Style: Don’t like having a green bathtub from another era? Switch it out!
  • Things Are Falling Apart: Over time, sinks, toilets, tubs, and other items in the bathroom can start to corrode or have water damage and need to be updated.

How Plumbers Work During a Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms are major plumbing centers. There are many intricacies in the pipes to connect the toilet, the shower, the tub, and the sink, and homeowners need to take precautions when taking things out and putting things back in during a remodel or renovation.

what is remodeling

Some tasks, like putting in a new sink in the same location as a previous sink, could simply be handled by the homeowner, but professional plumbers are extremely helpful for more complex tasks like ripping out a tub and replacing it with a shower. Including a plumber in this process ensures that everything is functional, safe, and up to code when the remodel or renovation is finished.

Popular Bathroom Remodels That Need Professional Plumbing

popular remodelsAs mentioned, there are some tasks in bathroom remodels and renovations that would not require a professional plumber.

If a homeowner simply wants to install a new showerhead or replace a sink without changing its location, a professional is likely not needed.

However, when larger tasks are at play, a plumber can prove to be extremely useful. This can include the following situations:

  1. When Changing the Location of a Sink, Toilet, Tub, or Shower
  2. When Ripping Out a Tub to Replace It With a Shower, or Vice Versa
  3. When Drywall Needs to Be Ripped Out to Move or Fix the Pipes

Generally speaking, remodeling and renovation projects have a lot of moving pieces, which can lead to longer timelines and potential problems if they aren’t handled by the pros. Hiring a professional plumber for large bathroom remodeling and renovation projects can save homeowners a lot of hassle.

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