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Preparing Your Kitchen for a Sink Installation


When you are taking on a kitchen remodel that involves kitchen plumbing there is a lot to think about. How will you configure your kitchen? Are you doing small changes or a total gut job? What is your style? What is your budget? One of the biggest considerations is your kitchen plumbing. Your fixtures, sink, and appliances will not only shape the way that your kitchen looks but how you will be able to use it.

One favorite finish these days is granite countertops. While these are great for a kitchen because they stand up well to heat and wear, there are particular concerns to address when you are installing your sink. The following are some of our suggestions on how to proceed.

Pick the Best Sink

“matchingsink”What is your best sink? Start by thinking about how you are going to use it. It is estimated that you spend as much as 60 percent of your time in the kitchen, so think long and hard about your sink choice.

Start with size and placement. Make a "kitchen triangle," where your sink, fridge, and cooktop are within a triangle shape. Think about size. If you want large counter space, you’ll have a small sink and vice versa.

What’s your style? Do you like a top-mount sink that drops in the counter? Do you like the usability of an undermount sink - is there space in your cabinetry to accommodate? Do you like the contemporary look of the farmhouse sink? Whatever your choice, make sure that it matches the granite for a complete look.

Doing the Measurements

“rightmeasurement”We can't stress enough the necessity of taking accurate measurements for this kitchen plumbing job. Measure your sink, but don't forget cabinet depth. You may run into trouble in installation if you don't have clearance within your cabinets.

Make sure to measure the backsplash too and allow enough space for your faucets. The issue here is that granite is hard and messy to cut. You only want to cut once. You could be looking at damage or extra expenses otherwise.

Bring in the Pros

“callaplumber”There are parts of this kitchen plumbing job that you can do on your own, but calling your Upper Darby, PA plumber is a good idea.

They have the training, tools, and know-how to get this complicated job done quickly and correctly.

Good luck with your kitchen remodel, and we hope that you and your family will spend many happy hours in your new kitchen.