AC Contractor in Moylan

Broken AC? Stay cool and call today!

Having working air conditioning is essential to your home comfort during Moylan, PA’s hot summers. With temperatures nearing the triple digits, it’s important to keep cool so that you and your family can avoid heat hazards such as dehydration, heat stroke, and heat exhaustion. Elderly individuals and infants are especially at risk.

Need help with your AC? Whether you need emergency repairs, want to schedule routine maintenance, or need to replace your unit, McLoughlin Plumbing Heating & Cooling can help make it happen. We offer a variety of air conditioner services at affordable rates, with 100 percent guaranteed customer satisfaction and upfront pricing.

Above all, we strive to provide exceptional service. Read our customer reviews to see how we achieve guaranteed customer satisfaction.

24 Hour Emergency AC Repairs

If you have an urgent air conditioner issue that needs immediate attention, our team offers emergency AC services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether it’s the middle of the day or the middle of the night, we’ll dispatch a technician promptly to address your concerns and find a quality solution to your AC problem. Not all surprises are fun, and when an unexpected AC breakdown occurs, being able to remedy it ASAP makes the situation a little less stressful.

Central AC Repair and Replacement

At some point in its lifetime, your air conditioning unit will likely need repairs. From coolant leaks and clogged drain lines to corroded evaporator coils and burnt-out capacitors, a lot can need cleaning and replacing. And when repairs become too frequent or costly, or your ACs efficiency just can’t get up to speed, it’s probably time for air conditioning replacement. Whatever your AC needs may be, you can count on McLoughlin Plumbing Heating & Cooling to deliver top-notch services. With our knowledge and skills, we make AC repairs and central AC installation easy.

We are a family-owned and -operated company with more than 50 years of experience. Whatever your air conditioning system throws your way, you can count on our skilled team of professionals to provide expert results, every time.

Save money by avoiding the risk of costly repairs and extending the life of your AC unit. Join our Comfort Club maintenance plan today.

Accurate AC Tune Ups

Air conditioning maintenance is important for preventing major AC issues. No one wants to pay for costly repairs that could have been avoided with routine AC TLC. When you join our Comfort Club Plan, you can catch small repairs early on, before they worsen and create a domino effect of problems for your air conditioning system. Scheduling routine maintenance will help keep your unit up and running as long as possible, and as efficiently as possible, saving you money over time and decreasing the risk of unexpected AC failure.

If it’s getting hot in your home, don’t wait to call a professional. For expert air conditioning services in Moylan, PA, call McLoughlin Plumbing Heating & Cooling at 610-624-8037.