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Have You Checked on Your Outdoor Fixtures?



Summer is here, which is good news for most of us and a season with more time outdoors, family trips and events and lots of fun and relaxation. While it’s a wonderful time of the year, it can be hard on your outdoor fixtures.

Among its many good qualities, summer also brings damaging rains and storms, droughts, scorching sun, humidity and lots of bugs. All of these things can take a toll on your outdoor plumbing.

To make matters worse, many of us pay very little attention to outdoor fixtures and are slow to provide necessary repairs or maintenance. But, break that habit this year and proactivity care for some of your home’s outdoor features.

Ongoing Fixture Repair

fixturerepairIt’s amazing how long some of us can walk past an old outdoor fixture without repairing it. This is true for many repairs; from dealing with rust damage to low water pressure on your watering hose.

Rather than letting these issues linger, take some time to check on them, identify any needed repairs, and then either do repairs or schedule them with a professional.

Proper maintenance of your outdoor fixtures will help to keep your home looking good, and it will also keep your home safer - this is especially true when they’re leaking water around your home. Common problems like hoses that no longer connect to bibs or gutters that are constantly clogging need expert help on occasion.

Inspect Outdoor Plumbing

outdoorplumbingAnother area of the home that is often overlooked is outdoor plumbing. For some, an outdoor faucet leak or draining issue can go on for months without being noticed or addressed.

While these might seem like small problems and many of us figure we’d notice if there was a serious problem, it’s best to not overlook any plumbing issues no matter how small they might seem.

First, even the smallest issues can lead to wasted water. Second, what starts as a small issue can lead to a bigger problem or even a plumbing emergency. As a result, it’s important to inspect your outdoor plumbing and do any necessary maintenance or repairs as soon as possible.

Replacing Outdoor Fixtures

When you inspect your outdoor fixtures, you might wonder whether the fixture needs to be replaced instead of being repaired. Some things to keep in mind when making this determination are:

  • outdoorfixtureinstallationThe quality of the fixture’s components: if your components are low-quality - for example, plastic or composite - consider replacing rather than repairing your fixture. Higher-quality components like brass or copper have a longer life span and provide more protection from outdoor elements.
  • The extent of the rust damage: some rust damage is often inevitable, but if your fixture has extensive damage it’s probably time for a replacement
  • The type of issue involved: are you concerned about a water leak issue? If so, replacement might be necessary or, at the very least, it’s a good idea to consult with a professional before beginning any repairs.

If your outdoor fixtures or plumbing are in need of repairs, call us today at (610) 624-8037. We can help with any inspections, maintenance, repairs or replacements to ensure that your home is ready for the summer conditions.