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It’s Fix a Leak Week, So Stop That Drip!

fix leak mcloughlin

fix leak mcloughlin

The EPA’s Fix a Leak Week starts March 16 and runs through March 22, this year. What does this mean for you? This is your reminder to check your home for various types of leaks so you can have them repaired. You can also use this time to check for potential big problems that can be avoided with the right preventative action.

Problems to Repair for Fix a Leak Week

This week have a look at the following areas of your home to make sure water stays right where it should be – outside your home or inside your pipes!

• Roof – Look for curling or missing shingles on your roof or water stains on your ceilings or walls. If you spot any of these problems, call a professional roofer.
• Windows – Leaky windows will show signs of wear and tear in addition to moisture. If your windows are still in good condition, repairs are often as easy as replacing weather stripping and/or caulking. If a window leak is bad or caused by rot around the window, call a window professional.
• Basement – Look for wet stains on the walls or pooled water on the floor. If you spot any, call a professional right away to minimize the damage. It could be caused by structural issues but is more likely from landscaping surrounding the house.
• Foundation – Leaks here can be mild at first but destructive if left unchecked. They’re often caused by clogged eves troughs or downspouts too close to the house, so cleaning out your gutters and installing screens over them or extending downspouts to at least six feet from the building may eliminate the problem.
• Plumbing – These types of leaks are common and can be inexpensive to repair if caught early but could cause a lot of damage if left to continue.

Checking for Plumbing Issues to Fix a Leak Week

plumbing issues mcloughlinThis week take a moment to check the plumbing throughout your home. Look for leaks under sinks, from faucets (don’t forget the shower and bathtub), behind or under your toilet, around your dishwasher, around your washing machine, near your water heater, supply lines, and anywhere else you have plumbing in your home.

If you find drips or leaks in any of these areas, call a McLoughlin plumbing professional to have it repaired while it is still small and inexpensive. What looks like a small drip now can eventually cost money in wasted water, toxic mold and mildew growth, damaged cabinetry, warped flooring and more.

Toilet or faucets aren’t dripping yet, but you’d like to replace them before they do? Good idea! We can help with that, too!

In fact, McLoughlin performs home plumbing inspections to check all your fixtures, drains and water supply lines. Give us a call and you can check all your Fix a Leak Week tasks off your to-do list because we’ve got the entire process covered.

Time to Fix a Leak?

Whether your plumbing needs some repairs, or you’d prefer to replace old faucets or fixtures before the problem happens, we’ll be happy to help you. Call McLoughlin Plumbing, Heating and Cooling at 610-624-8037. We’ll send an expert home plumbing professional at your next available convenience.