Edgmont Heating Repair & Installation

Facing a late-night furnace malfunction? We don’t mind late-night repairs. Call us 24/7!

Does your furnace love to break down at the worst possible time? You’re not alone. That’s why we stay available 24/7 for emergency services.

McLoughlin Plumbing Heating & Cooling is a heating contractor in Edgmont Township. We’ve been providing heating solutions since 1965 and we’re available around the clock for furnace repair services. Enjoy a fast-response and no extra after-hours charge from our licensed professionals. Don’t let a busted furnace ruin your comfort. Call anytime, day or night!

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Avoid Emergencies With a Furnace Tune-Up

Fall and winter in Edgmont Township can really put your furnace to work! Cold outdoor temperatures put a lot of strain on your equipment and can lead to problems with ongoing use. Avoid overworking your system by scheduling professional furnace maintenance once per year.

We recommend having your furnace looked at in the late summer or early fall. By inspecting and testing all the components of your furnace early on, we’ll make sure you have reliable warmth through the cold months. This also gives you an opportunity to address any issues before they get worse.

When to Contact a Heating Professional

Furnace repairs are always less stressful when the problem gets addressed quickly. Minimize the time, cost and headache of repairs by contacting a pro as soon as you notice these problems:

  • SHORT CYCLING: Your equipment turns on and works briefly, but switches off before getting up to temperature.
  • FOUL ODORS: Dusty smells are common when your system first turns on for the winter. But any burning smells or foul odors should be dealt with right away.
  • EXPENSIVE TO USE: Closely monitor your energy bills from the same month year-to-year. If your bill is suddenly more expensive, you’ll know your system is running inefficiently.

Don’t let the price stop you from enjoying warmth this year. We have financing available to keep costs low!

Choosing a Heating Contractor for Your Emergency Repair

Choosing a heating contractor when you’re in the middle of an emergency breakdown can be overwhelming. You need the perfect combination of affordability, expertise, and fast-response. When weighing the options consider these questions:

  • Does the company upcharge for emergency work? (We never charge an after-hours fee!)
  • Has the company been in business long enough to have a good reputation? (We’ve been trusted by the Edgmont Township locals since 1965!)
  • Will you be protected if the workmanship doesn’t last? (We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!)
  • Will your emergency be a priority? We have real people answering the phones after hours to make sure you get immediate support!)

Don’t hesitate to call McLoughlin Plumbing Heating & Cooling when you need 24 hour emergency heating repair from the local experts!

Call McLoughlin Plumbing Heating & Cooling 24/7 at (610) 624-8037 for furnace and heater repairs in Edgmont, PA. Our team is fast, friendly and offers financing if you need it!