Concordville Furnace Repairs

Concordville residents know how cold winters can be. When you need furnace repair, you can rely on McLoughlin Plumbing Heating & Cooling.

When the leaves begin to turn, it’s wise to call a furnace service company like McLoughlin Plumbing Heating & Cooling for a furnace tune-up. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your system, repair any worn parts, and ensure it’s ready to serve you throughout the coming winter months. And, in the event your heater gives out, you can rely on us for 24 hour emergency heating repair.

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Our Emergency Furnace Service

You may not realize it, but many furnace failures happen towards the end of winter because of the months of heavy use. And even when spring is approaching, there are still plenty of days where you and your family must rely on your heater for comfort. Our 24 hour emergency heating repair service is standing by day and night, ready to take your call. However, before you call for emergency repair, consider these factors:

  • How Cold is it?
    Depending on how cold it is outside and how well-insulated your home is, you may be able to wait on a regular service call. If you don’t think you can get by, call for immediate help.
  • How Long is the Wait?
    Another factor that determines whether you need repairs now is the length of the wait. For example, if the furnace breaks down during the middle of the night or in the early morning, you can easily wait until the repair shop opens, and you can schedule an appointment. However, if the failure happens during a holiday or at the beginning of a weekend, you may want to call for immediate repair.
  • Why Heating Maintenance is Important

    Your furnace or heater is the most considerable energy expense in your home. The average furnace or heater makes up nearly 45% of the household energy bill. Knowing that it’s vital to keep your heater in top form, so it runs properly and efficiently to save you as much money as possible. Don’t wait until there’s a problem to get repairs; call a professional for regular tune-ups and maintenance, and do these things yourself to keep your heater in the best working order.

    • Clean or Replace the Filter: A dirty air filter impedes airflow and causes your heater to work harder, which reduces its lifespan. Also, with a dirty air filter, the furnace won’t heat your home to your liking.
    • Check the Blower Motor: The blower motor is the unit that moves the air through the furnace and into the house. A blower motor has many working parts, which wear out over time. Check the motor for any unusual sounds like squealing or screeching. Also, consult your user’s manual and see if you’re required to lubricate any parts.
    • Reduce your Heating Load: You can increase your heater’s efficiency and cut down on your energy bills by adding insulation and blocking the warm air from seeping out of drafty windows and doors. The lighter the heating load, the longer your furnace will last.
    • Check the Vents: Make sure your home’s vents are clear so air can flow freely. Blocked vents also cause your heater to work harder than it has to, thus reducing its efficiency and lifespan.
    • Call a Pro: Call a furnace service company for maintenance at least once a year, preferably in the fall.

    For more information on how you can keep your furnace in the best working condition, contact us today.

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    When to Replace Your Furnace

    As every Concordville homeowner knows, winters here bring unpredictable weather. One day might be cold and rainy, and the next, you may have a foot of snow. The last thing you need is for your heater or furnace to give out on you when you need it most. Here are the telltale signs that it’s time for a new heating system installation.

    • Age: If you’re like most homeowners, you’re likely using the same furnace that came with the house, which means it may be close to the end of its life. You can check the user’s manual or the model number to determine how old the system is. The average furnace lasts between 15-20 years.
    • Increased Energy Bills: If your energy bills are steadily rising, it means your furnace is losing efficiency and is costing you more money to operate.
    • Humidity Issues: Humidity in the home is a concern in winter, especially if you have hardwood floors. If the air is too dry, it could be the furnace that’s the culprit.
    • Noisy Operation: Most heaters and furnaces make noise when they’re running, but if you notice unusual sounds like rattles, squeals, or humming, it could be a sign that the system is ready to fail.
    • Frequent Repairs: If you’re repairing your furnace every season, it’s a sign that it’s better to put that money towards a new, more reliable unit than fixing one that’s at the end of its life.

Whether you need 24 hour emergency heating repair or a heating tune-up, you can trust McLoughlin Plumbing Heating & Cooling. Contact us today at 610-624-8037 for service in Concordville, PA.