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3 Reasons to Stay Cool While Also Staying Efficient


Doing what we can to maintain energy efficiency in our homes has really been at the forefront lately. You and your neighbors probably have or are considering installing solar panels to lessen your electricity usage and, installed low-flow toilets to reduce your water consumption, and switched out all your light bulbs to LED to reduce your energy and waste; but, have you considered your air conditioning unit in your efficiency changes and updates? If not, you definitely should!

Your AC actually consumes the most energy throughout your entire home, therefore proper AC maintenance and prompt repair are very necessary to keep your home both environmentally friendly and budget friendly. Let’s take a look at how.

Turn Your Home Into an Environmentally Friendly Abode

Aside from work and school, we spend most of our time at home with our family and friends. This fact makes it incredibly important to maintain energy efficiency in our homes when at all possible.

Our environment counts on us to maintain resources, cut down on pollution, and preserve that which we find beautiful; starting at home with your efforts makes a big impact.

In fact, you can make a relatively large impact just with your AC maintenance. Here’s how to ensure your AC is running green:

  • goodenvironmentMake sure your AC unit is the proper size to accommodate your house size. When your AC unit is too small, it has to run longer and harder, which uses unnecessary energy. An experienced technician can make the measurements necessary to make sure this happens.
  • Replace your older unit. It’s tempting to skip this step and just run it as long as possible, but this couldn’t be worse for the environment as it will consume more energy than needed and contribute more to our greenhouse gas emission problems.
  • Make sure your home is properly insulated, thus keeping your cool air inside and not requiring your AC to run for longer than needed.
  • Have your AC unit and HVAC system inspected at least once per year to ensure it’s running at peak performance. Your technician can make further recommendations as well for how to further increase your energy efficiency.

Give Your Budget a Helping Hand

savemoneyHigh utility bills, especially unexpected ones, can be serious budget-killers. This summer, don’t let poor or neglected AC maintenance and repair be the reason your utility bill is higher than expected.

Scheduling maintenance and inspection of your unit, cleaning off the outside HVAC system, and switching out your filters can help your home’s AC performance work for you and your wallet.

Newer Technology = Higher Efficiency

efficiencyIf you skip out on any new technology, don’t let it be anything having to do with your home’s air conditioning unit. Purchasing a new smart thermostat and upgrading your AC unit will not only put money back into your pocket in the long run, but they will also make your home more environmentally friendly by increasing its efficiency.

The newer thermostats will allow you to monitor and maintain your home’s AC usage easily, while an upgraded AC unit will lessen how hard it will need to work to regulate your home’s desired temperature. What could be better - new technology and an increase in your energy efficiency! You can’t go wrong with this type of AC maintenance.

As the temperatures increase, don’t wait to call a technician for your AC unit if you feel it needs service or could benefit from an upgrade. Here at McLoughlin Plumbing Heating & Cooling we’re waiting on your call and will send an experienced technician out to your home at your earliest convenience. Simply call us at (610) 624-8037.