How to Achieve BIG Energy Savings


  1. Ask about all of the current Federal and State tax credits available as well as rebates and coupons.
  2. Install programmable thermostats which can be operated remotely and can save you up to 30% on your energy costs.
  3. Change your filters monthly. Sign up for our reminder service to help you remember.
  4. Clean your heating registers regularly
  5. If you have radiators, place a heat resistant reflector between exterior walls and radiator.
  6. Use your exhaust fans sparingly.
  7. Use curtains, shades, or drapes that are insulated.Energy Star
  8. When buying new heating or cooling equipment, look for the efficiency rating and the Energy Star logo.

You can help your budget while paying attention to the environment.

Start practicing some new habits and extend the life of your home systems now.

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