Humidification and Dehumidification  
Controlling humidity is one of the keys to your home comfort. Humidifiers add moisture to your home – especially when it’s cold outside, while the dehumidifiers pull the moisture out in the hot months.

Humidifiers Advantages

  • Helps protect the drying effects of the heat on your skin
  • Maintains proper humidity levels to keep viruses from thriving
  • Helps prevent home damage such as cracks and shrinking from dry heat
  • Helps prevent bloody noses, dry mouth & eyes, sore throats, cracked, itchy skin and painful static shock.

Dehumidifiers Advantages

  • Prevents damage to home such as warping and rot
  • Prevents feeling uncomfortable at normal indoor temperatures
  • Removes musty smells
  • Prevents mold and mildew growth
  • Prevents dust mites from thriving

Let the experts at McLoughlin Plumbing Heating Cooling advise you on the best choices for you particular situation. Whole house options are available. For the best humdifier and dehumidifier choices throughout Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County, the Main Line, and Philadelphia, call us today at (610) 649-8080 to get a FREE estimate on keeping your home comfortable.