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Replacing vs. Repairing Your Air Conditioner: Which Saves You the Most Money?

The decision between repairing or replacing your air conditioner can feel like a daunting one. After all, this isn’t a minor purchase, so you’ll want to make the right one. You don’t want to give up on your old unit too early, but you also don’t want to pour money into it if it will only continue to cost you before it gives up altogether.

There is a rule of thumb that says that if the cost of your air conditioner repairs is more than 50 percent of the cost of a new unit, it’s time to replace the old one. However, as much as that’s a handy guideline, there’s more to it than that.

Consider the following benefits of replacing and repairing your air conditioner the next time you phone for a service call.

Advantages of buying a new air conditioner

Saving money over the short- and long-term – If your current AC system is over a decade old and if the cost of repairing it will be near 50 percent or more, buying a new one is likely to be the less expensive choice, particularly over time. If you choose a newer and more energy efficient system, it will rapidly pay for itself in reduced energy expenses and fewer repair costs.

Convenience – A new and properly maintained air conditioning unit will keep your home comfortable and won’t require you to have to make service calls because breakdowns will have been avoided. Moreover, if a service call must be made, you won’t have to wait while old and hard-to-find parts are obtained.

Rebates – Beyond the energy savings offered by improved efficiency throughout the lifetime of the air conditioning unit, you may be able to take advantage of certain manufacturer incentives. Many manufacturers do offer incentives and rebates on qualifying equipment.

Eco-friendliness – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and American government has mandated that R-22 be phased out by 2020 due to the refrigerant’s negative impact on the ozone layer. By choosing a new model using R-410A refrigerant, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’re being kinder to the planet. That, combined with the improved energy efficiency can make a significant difference in your carbon footprint.

Warranty – With a new unit, you’ll be protected by a warranty against repair costs, as well.

Advantages of repairing an existing air conditioner

Small repair costs– If you already have a relatively new air conditioner, the repairs are likely to be much lower than purchasing a new unit.

Reduced moving costs – If you’re likely to move from your current home within the near future or before the next summer, your real estate agent may advise you to repair the unit instead of replacing it. This expert can help you to know which option will have a more favorable impact on your home value.

Repair coupon or sale available – If your system isn’t new but you feel it still has some life in it, you may want to see if you can stretch it out for another year or two, provided you can take advantage of a good enough sale, coupon or other form of discount. McLoughlin is always offering ways to save, so be sure to check our latest HVAC specials page to find out if there’s an opportunity waiting there for you.

If you need more guidance to make your decision or if you already know whether you’d like to repair or replace your air conditioner, call McLoughlin Plumbing Heating and Cooling at (610) 649-8080 to schedule speak with a friendly expert who can help you to take the next step.