Avoid Major Plumbing Disasters While on Summer Vacation

Summer is here and with the kids out of school, it’s the perfect time to head off on a family vacation. In fact, millions of us across the country are doing just that. Unfortunately, without the right preparations, this means that many of those families could return home to plumbing disasters that occurred while they were away.

Do you know how to prepare your home to keep it safe from plumbing failures and water damage? Depending on how long you’ll be gone, you may want to consider taking at least some, if not all these precautions:

Look for existing leaks – Check your showerheads and faucets, under kitchen and bathroom sinks, around the toilet, around or behind large water-using appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines, around the water heater, around wet bars and anywhere else pipes are present. If you find a leak – no matter how small – call McLoughlin right away so we can fix it before you leave and before it becomes something larger.

Test your sump pump – If your house has a sump pump, make sure it’s actually working so that you can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing your home has added protection against flooding. Testing it is easy. Fill a gallon bucket of water and pour it into the sump pit hole. A properly working pump will automatically register the additional water, turn on and pump the water out before automatically shutting down again. If the pump doesn’t turn on or doesn’t remove enough water, get it fixed or replaced right away.

Shut off outdoor faucets – Avoid problems with your outdoor water sources by shutting off their water supply and draining those lines.
• Check your gutters – Have a glance at your gutters to make sure they haven’t become clogged with leaves and debris. That way you’ll know that any rain water will be properly drained away from your home.

Use your water heater’s “vacation” setting – Many water heaters have a special vacation setting meant to be used while you’re away for a while. Go ahead and use it. It will save you money and potential plumbing problems at the same time.

Turn off your main water supply – One of the fastest and easiest ways for you to avoid plumbing problems while you’re away is to turn off the water to the house. This way, even if there is a leak you didn’t know about or if anything should happen, there won’t be a continuous supply of water.

Want to make sure you haven’t missed a step in preparing your plumbing for your vacation? Call McLoughlin Plumbing Heating and Cooling at (610) 649-8080 to speak with a friendly professional, today.