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The New York Times recently reported on the results of a Natural Resources Defense Council study revealing that United States residents have a nearly one-in-four risk of having either unsafe drinking water or water improperly monitored for unsafe contaminants.

These findings are encouraging many people to start thinking about what’s coming out of the tap. In-home water treatment systems are designed to ensure better water quality for both home and health. Consider the top 4 reasons an in-home water treatment system may be the best solution for your home.

1. Safer drinking water with reduced chemicals and contaminants
Many of our nation’s drinking water supplies have been found to have higher-than-recommended levels of lead, nitrates, pharmaceuticals and other chemicals in its samplings. Even the chlorine and chloramines added to municipal water supplies to disinfect them are both known to be damaging to your body. Moreover, chloramines can even damage pipes over time, which can increase exposure to other contaminants and pathogens. A home water treatment system filters most chemicals out of not only the water you drink, but also treats the water you bathe in, use to clean your dishes, clothes, linens, etc.

2. Lower “hard water” mineral levels in your water
When your water is high in minerals, you have what’s called “hard” water. This can be tough on your skin and hair, can cause wear to your clothing, sheets and towels in the laundry and can lead to buildup on your dishes and in your pipes and fixtures. Home treatment systems can effectively soften your water and create less cleaning and scrubbing time and effort of ugly limescale and build-up!

3. Less wear on appliances
Softening your water can also extend the life of your water-using appliances. The softer your water, the less build-up will accumulate on your dishwasher and washing machine, reducing wear and helping you to get a lot more out of what you paid for them. It can even extend the life and brightness of your clothing.

4. Save money and reduce waste
Unlike with bottled water, you will not increase your carbon footprint by installing a whole house unit to treat and filter your water. No need to feel guilty about piling more bottles onto your local landfill or adding more strain to your recycling centers. You’ll also never run out of drinking water because you forgot to stop and pick up another case at the supermarket.

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