Air Conditioning Technician And A Part Of Preparing To Install N

The winter is finally behind us and there’s some warmth in the breeze. Soon the hot weather will be here. Is your air conditioner ready to keep your home perfectly cool throughout the hotter months? Proper maintenance is the best way to prevent expensive problems.

That said, even when your A/C has been well maintained, problems can arise. Know the difference between the times when you can do it yourself and when you should call an expert to prevent making things worse – and expensive.

1. Air conditioner blowing warm air
Few things in air conditioner use are more frustrating or concerning than when you turn them on and warm air comes out through the vents. The most common reason that this happens is that the switch on the thermostat was bumped to “on.” That setting causes the fan to blow regardless of whether the air conditioning unit is cooling the air. If it isn’t the switch on the thermostat, a bigger issue may be the cause. Warm air could be the result of restricted air flow which has caused the outside unit to freeze. Give us a call and one of our air conditioning experts will promptly check it out for you.

2. Large amounts of water draining from the unit
A well-functioning air conditioner will take the excess humidity out of the air in your home. This allows your air conditioner to not only bring down the temperature of your home but also make it feel less humid. When everything is working right, that moisture will condense, drip into the unit’s pan and finally drain away. Every now and again, this can lead to a drop of water. If the drop has turned into a puddle or a pool, something more serious could be wrong. Check and see if there are leaks or holes in your pan or hoses. If you’re not sure why your unit is putting out too much water, give us a call and we’ll find the culprit for you.

3. Unit starts and stops at the wrong temperature
Do you have a thermometer in your home other than your thermostat, that is showing a completely different temperature than your thermostat, located in the same room and place? Is your air conditioner coming on or shutting off at the wrong temperature? This may not be a problem with the unit. It could just be a thermostat issue. If you’ve checked your thermostat against another thermometer and things aren’t lining up, give us a call. One of our experts will check your thermostat so you can have it adjusted or replaced if needed.

Not sure if you’re air conditioner has problems or haven’t yet done a spring maintenance to get it ready for summer? Prevent problems from happening in the first place. Contact McLoughlin Plumbing Heating Cooling to speak with an expert who will answer your questions and book an appointment at your next convenience.