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Spring is almost here and while many people are celebrating the milder weather, those with allergies are dreading the sneezing, wheezing and sniffles that come with the first signs of sprouting bulbs and greener lawns. The new wave of pollen, combined with indoor dust and toxins, can wreak havoc on our respiratory systems.

Fortunately, there are things that you can do to help ease your symptoms. Some of them include changing your indoor environment. When you keep your home clean – particularly the air quality – medical experts say you can make a noticeable difference to your spring allergies.

Among the ways you can clean and purify the air in your home includes a professionally installed whole house air filtration system. With a whole house filtration system, the air circulating through your home’s ductwork can be a lot better for you; with less pollen, dust and even mold, mildew and viruses. The right high efficiency air filtration systems can truly change the cleanliness of your home, right down to the air you’re breathing.

Consider the following changes you can make to be sure your air is being properly filtered and cleaned:

Humidifiers – Depending on the season and the moisture levels in your home, you could give your house a bit of air humidity assistance with the right device. When a home is too dry, it is tough on your skin (feeling flaky and itchy?), respiratory system (that pesky dry cough or stubborn cold you can’t shake), mucous membranes (have a bloody nose lately?) and can even shrink or crack any part of your home or furniture that are made of wood. A home humidifier can be helpful in those circumstances.

Dehumidifiers – On the other hand, if the moisture level is too high, mold, mildew and dust mites thrive, not to mention the musty smells and the risk of warped and rotting wood. Allergies can soar when humidity levels are high, and it can feel like you won’t stop sneezing and scratching until the next deep freeze. Here, a home dehumidifier can save the day.

Ultraviolet air purifiers – These are systems based on the tech used in hospitals to clean unwanted viruses, bacteria, spores and other nasties out of the air. It uses short wavelengths from UV bulbs to drastically reduce the number of airborne microbes.

Change your furnace/air conditioner filter – Change the filter every month to make certain that air is flowing smoothly through your furnace and air conditioner, and that the air is being properly filtered as it circulates through your home.

Ventilation with fresh air – In many circumstances, the key to clean air is to bring in some fresh air. Pollens may enter from outside, but there are already a number of unwanted airborne substances in your home that can only be removed through fresh air ventilation. Problems with mustiness, radon and low air circulation can be quickly corrected when effective air exchange is established. We can show you how to benefit from proper ventilation without bringing added spring allergy symptoms in with it.

Ready for a breath of fresh air that can help to keep your spring allergies under control? Contact McLoughlin Plumbing Heating Cooling to learn more about the affordable changes you can make to your home this year.