Are Heating Tune Ups Really Necessary?

These colder temps are probably making you realize it’s that time of year again to turn on your heater.

Before you do, remember it’s best to have your heating unit checked by a HVAC technician before winter winds begin to blow. Here are three reasons why you need to schedule your heating tune-up today:

  1. Keep your heating unit working at peak performance throughout the entire winter and keep your warranty: Regular fall heating tune-ups from a licensed HVAC technician ensures that everything is working properly. They will check motors, fans, and if need be, teach you how to change air filters. More importantly, a regular maintenance check will ensure that your manufacturer’s warranty stays in effect. Many manufacturers will only honor its warranty if there is proof of proper maintenance.
  2. Make sure your family is safe. Your HVAC tech should inspect your furnace or heating vents and outlets to make sure that all exhaust outlets are clean and open. Remember, carbon monoxide is a silent killer—tasteless, odorless, and invisible. You safeguard your family from carbon monoxide poisoning and fire when you clean and clear exhaust outlets.
  3. Save money on your utility bills. Sure, there’s an upfront cost to paying a tech to inspect your heating unit. Yet, a technician will check that the heating unit’s thermostat settings work, tighten electrical connections, lubricate moving parts, and check system controls. When these parts are in good working order, they use less energy to properly perform, which can add up to significant savings on your electric bills.

Don’t wait for your furnace to breakdown during the next cold spell. When you need your heating system tuned up, were here for you. Call us today at (610) 649-8080.